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A journey with my Herald Classic 125

I have a motorcycle, I like to ruin things, here's how I ruined it.


Alright, I didn't really ruin it, I just decided to add some ✨ spice ✨ because it's my taste and I like to get my hands dirty. I also can't really be arsed to write much or anything half decent. I also didn't get a lot of pictures so many steps are skipped but that's ok as this isn't a guide.

Before Pictures§

Just as a reference so you can see it in it's original glory and compare it to my ruined version.


No thank you. I heavily dislike chrome so I begun to dechrome and started with the headlight.

I ended with the headlight cause the instrument clusters were too much of a ballache to get off and didn't do anything else since.

Luggage Rack§

I bought a luggage rack because storage on this bike is non-existent.

Bought from Herald directly, it doesn't fit without longer bolts or cutting the tubes where it attaches at the rear. I haven't done either yet, I'll probably go the cutting route.

Fuck it, begin the spraying§

What could go wrong? I started thinking of options, spray paint, wrapping, plasti dip? I ended up going a plasti dip alternative called Superwrap ( but from a UK seller (

I'm sad cause the UK seller doesn't have all the cool colours on the official site but they're Canadian based and import duties will probably be a lot.

I started with one of the side panels, small and easy to correct if I fucked it badly.

Are they perfect? Hell no, will they do? Yes as long as you don't look too hard and keep your distance.

Let's spray the tank§

If you're smart you'll probably think to take the tank off, wouldn't you? It crossed my mind but I couldn't be arsed and it also seemed too complicated, plus it had a full tank.

Tape and drape it is. Also bin bags and random old clothes.

This is where I skipped some pictures, the first picture is with like it's 3rd/4th coat of white base, the second is the start of the blue and the third is the 2nd/3rd of blue.

Yeah, the fuel cap is still on and managed to spray around it fine. I did think about taking it off but it effort to stop paint getting in the tank, I'll be doing the cap black at some point.

In the background of the 2nd picture, you'll see that I've applied the white base coat to the tank strap that holds it tank, that's gone black.

The 4th picture is a close up of the Herald logo that's under the factory clear coat, I did originally want to remove it but I don't think it looks too bad under the blue. I am also debating about scratching the paint off the lettering to reveal the black.

Overspray sadface§

When I first started spraying the tank, I didn't cover enough of the bike and got overspray in many places lmao.

Thankfully it's easy to get off so I'll do that afterwards.

You'll also see that I've taken the instrument clusters off finally to dechrome those with black.

There should be 2 pictures here of overspray and the bike without clusters but my custom gallery plugin suddenly stops outputting and it's 22:17 and I can't be arsed to sort it right now.

03/07/2022 @ 11:21 Update: turns out it was my dodgy regex that caused things to break, I decided to spend the 5 minutes to fix it.

The fuel cap has been peeled and will become black, it's another ballache cause once it's unlocked, the keys can't be removed. Might just spray with the key in.

The 8th Section§

I don't know what this heading should be but enjoy some pictures of the tank the next day after 9+ hours, the black strap on as a test and the side panels fitted back.

The rear spokes are colourful aren't they? I've used plastic straws sorry turtles to cover those for when I spray the wheels as they'd be annoying to do so they will remain chrome.

The rear grab handles are staying off too, can't have pillions with only a CBT and even if I did, my top speed would probably end up at like 20 mph.

The Clusters§

So, this evening (3rd July 2022) has not gone well. I tried to catch a falling knife and sliced my finger and now that's held together with painters tape and to add salt to the wound, the instrument clusters fell off the box while drying.

I totally should've thought about hanging them to begin with but it was too early in the morning when I started.

Also there are so many wires exposed in this place I'm glad the electric isn't turned on in here. 2nd picture, top left is just one of the wires.

The Wheels§

I debated about taking the wheels off in case I messed something up but in the end, YOLO. I can't learn if I don't do it.

What's the worst that can happen? The wheel comes off when I do a wheelie or I don't test the brakes before I go riding and they fail on me? Don't tempt me with a good time.

I've begun preparing the wheel with straws and tape n' drape. The spokes with straws actually kinda look cool, I might roll with it once I've completed this project.

The Roof§

Motorcycles don't have a roof obviously but the garage I'm working in does.

Can anyone tell me if this is asbestos? It gives me asbestos vibes. It is a pretty old structure so I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

I want more§

I love hands on things, I can't drive but I've worked on cars doing various things and I loved it, this is the first bike project.

I don't want it to end, I've already been searching for older bikes like the Honda CB175 K6 in hopes I can find a beat up one so I can buy, strip and rebuild.

Y'all should send me bitcoin or alternative currency so I'm able to live this fantasy out, hit me up.

To be continued...

(Update: 14/01/2023 - it won't be continued lmao)

Before you come for me for my dodgy work, the images have been compressed probably a little too much and I'm too lazy to fix it so any weird things you see will likely be due to that.

But there are definitely fuck ups but hey, it's the learning process and I'll probably change the colour in another 5 months cause I get bored easily so I'll know for next time.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sniffing aerosols now.